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Why Loving Yourself Generates an Amazing Life. . .

Do you feel it?  The lack of direction,  the numbness,  the disappointment.No purpose, no passion,  no. . . nothing.  Is this all there is?

Are you feeling lost, unsure, alone with no idea of how to fix it?  What would your life look like if your soul were in charge? What would change if you lived a life you LOVED, one guided by  your soul. 

Make no mistake, soul sickness is real and is part of the human condition.  We feel physically ill and we know,  deep down in our knowing place, that we are not well.   We know that we are supposed to do more, be more and that our calling is waiting for us. .

Love More Live More is all about living a soulful, abundant life.  A life fueled by feeling good,  by pleasure,  by staying centered in what is perfect for you.   Together we’ll talk about what a soulful life is and what you can do (TODAY!) to move towards that,  how to find  your essential soul calling and why having more fun could be the key to it all.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship of your life.

When we finally step into the place where we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are doing exactly what we are here to be, life seems to become a journey of possibility and adventure.  

We stop trying to make things work and allow the guidance to lead. Abundance flows naturally.  And most importantly, we feel cured of the deep disappointment that comes from living without connection or passion, without being connected to our soul.   This is true abundance, to feel that we're so connected, so blessed, so in love with life that we are truly awake for the first time. 

Awakening the power of abundance begins with embracing the power of feminine energy.  

Feminine energy is that delicious, sensual,  powerful feeling when you are turned ON to what really delights you.  And it's why sensual pleasure is a sure-fire way to attract  your deepest desires. 

What do you desire?  What turns you on and lights you up? Desire is powerful. If you’re on your creative edge, you will continuously want more.  And acknowledging desire is the beginning of living a life that you adore,  free of the beliefs that have kept you playing small for far too long.

True desire is full … and insatiable. She is appreciative and ceaseless. She is present and she sees possibility everywhere. This is the divine paradox of intentional creating: You will love what you’ve got with all your heart today, and you will be ready for more tomorrow, the next day and the next. 

As a women and a leader, what changes do you need to make that would be perfect for you?

feel happier everyday
have an awesome sensual connection with your partner
become a more effective leader
feel powerful AND feminine at the same time
expand your profits
empower your team to greater success

No matter what you want to create, the steps to change are the same: 

#1: Get clear. As specifically as possible, decide what you want.  The clearer you are on what you want to have in your life, the more likely you are to achieve it.

 #2: Get confident.  Confidence creates influence.  Influence is the ability to incite change in other people.   When you confidently make decisions then people begin believing as you do, and look to you as a source of inspiration. 

#3: Get support. Success comes from having people who see the best in you.  Very few people (if any) achieve anything great alone.

You know that you’re here to create an amazing life and business.  Love More ∞ Live More  is here to help you do  that. By focusing on the people, experiences and things that bring us love and pleasure and removing the things we’ve created that cause life to be more of struggle, a simple and joyful life emerges. 

Are you looking for a way to create success without stress, achieve more in your life with astonishing ease and let go of your anxiety-based overwork?

Let me ask you one question.  How committed are you?  Are you all in?  Because you know the truth:  energy in equals energy out.  If you simply skim this while you’re watching TV,  the benefit will equal the energy you’ve invested. So why not jump in?  After all,  your fun and your fabulous life are on the line here. .  let’s do it!

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